Welcome to Kang Jin electric customer service center, we will be here to provide you with warm Kang Jin electrical products after-sales service and technical advice, we are committed to: rapid, accurate, and enthusiasm for your service!

After-sales service:
- when you use the product, we will provide related technical support, if need can provide door-to-door service, guarantee the product the correct installation and use. 
- in the process of you use the product, if discover the quality problems, during the warranty period, will be the door repair or replacement free of charge. 
- in the process of after-sales service, we will response to user feedback quickly, try to meet your reasonable requirements, and provide effective and reasonable scheme.If need to on-site service, guarantee set off immediately to the scene after receiving feedback。 
- technical advisory
In the pre-sale, sale and after-sale service in the process, the application of relevant products conditions, order conditions, design questions related matters shall be accurate, timely response, at the same time, provide relevant technical data support.
Technical support telephone: 0756-8629666 after-sales service telephone: 0756-8633000

Product after-sales service QQ: 2563741972  fax: 0756-8629333