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Cable Branch Box With Switch

DFW -12/T630 type of outdoor high voltage full insulated cable branch box with SF6 switch (Hereinafter referred to as branch box) is a corollary equipment for city network cable reconstruction。 This branch box can realize the functions of control, tap, branch and conversion by connecting power cable with box transformer substation, load breaker switchgear and ring main unit under rated voltage of 12KV, rated frequency of 50Hz, rated current of 630A and below three phase AC power system。 It can also control and distribute power energy in cable network power supply and radiation power supply。 The branch box housing is made of high quality steel plate (or stainless steel) with surface treated by outdoor stoving varnish for anti corrosion; SF6 full insulated load break switch is installed inside with safety and reliability, flood control type insulation tube is in order arranged。 According to clients’ requirement, the inside of the branch box can be installed additional auxiliary function unit (switch electric operating mechanism, Pt operating power supply, lightning arrester, the electrified monitor, live display, fault indicator etc。) The branch box’ outlet and inlet line of silicone cable connector has excellent functions of full insulation, full sealing, waterproof, all maintenance with safety and reliability。 The size and spec of the silicone cable connector is decided by the cable proportion。 


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