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CYB□-12 Outdoor Box Type Substation

CYB 12 outdoor box type substation is a combination of HV electrical equipment, power transformer, low-voltage electrical equipment and other ancillary equipment in one or several cabinets of compact distribution of complete sets of equipment, in the rated voltage 10 / 0.4kV (6/0.4kV) of three-phase AC system, as the acceptance and distribution of electric energy use. It is especially suitable for urban public distribution, high-rise buildings, residential areas, industrial and mining enterprises, ports, oil fields, parks, highways, construction sites and other places.

CYB 12 outdoor box type substation has the advantages of compact structure, easy assembly and combination, safe and reliable operation, convenient maintenance and good looking, etc. in the technology, which can meet the requirement of urban ring network power supply; in the economy it has the advantages of small land occupation, easy movement, and short construction period.